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This is mostly a post testing out my ability to post stuff from this site to my tumblr and to have it published on Twitter. To make it not be completely useless, I’m going to put in a few more screenshots. If you’re reading this on tumblr, you should be warned that this means that there will be posts on there from my new blog The Warrior’s Onslaught, which are not transmog posts but rather general warrior posts. I just wanted that to be out there now, so if that’s something you hate you can avoid said posts.


That’s the background and header image I’m using for this site, in a larger image. It had to have Ashkandi in it, we all knew that. There was no way to escape it.


Okay, enough for now. I promise actual content in the next couple of days.

This is the hard part


Hello and welcome to The Warrior’s Onslaught, my new blog about warriors and that crazy World of Warcraft we all play in. The about page covers most of what I want to impart as far as a mission statement for the site – the primary focus is and will likely remain World of Warcraft and warriors, but if I get really into another game like Diablo III or something, I may talk about that, too.

If you know me from my work over at WoW Insider, especially The Care and Feeding of Warriors, don’t expect much to change. I’m still going to write about warriors in much the same way I did there – as a partisan who loves the class first and foremost and wants to see it prosper. I can’t reprint any of those columns or use the title, but going forward I won’t change my approach very much. Right now, the following topics are on my mind for future content:

  • The pruning of abilities – what are we gaining, what are we losing? I know we’ve lost Skull Banner (which, to be fair, isn’t much of a loss) but for now we seem to have kept talents like Avatar and Bloodbath, which are both personal DPS cooldowns – will we retain Berserker Rage and Recklessness? Will Skull Banner’s crit damage increase be folded into Recklessness? I hope so – without heavy redesign we’re still a crit dependent class, especially fury.
  • With Gladiator Stance, the change to Vengeance so that it only works for defensive abilities, and the statement that tanks will be tuned to put out about 75% of a DPS player’s output, will protection warriors finally achieve something like DPS parity with other tanks? Will protection warriors get the 2 piece tier 15 and 16 set bonuses folder into their kit? Because frankly, in my opinion at least one of those is necessary – a tank without significant self healing is an unwanted tank nowadays, and I’ve yet to see anything to make me think that’s going to change.
  • Arms and Fury are in somewhat of an identity crisis right now – arms is a solid DPS spec, but as always, outpaced by fury once fury gets the gear. Can we start moving away from one spec being the ‘AoE’ spec and the other being the single target spec? Especially since, frankly, even my fury AoE has started to outpace my arms – once that happens, arms becomes purely relegated to PvP and with people always clamoring for PvP nerfs for warriors, that’s a dangerous place for arms to be. We need to move away from niche design – arms and fury need equivalent damage for both single target and AoE, or close enough on both to make skill and preference the reason you pick one over the other.
  • With hit and expertise gone in Warlords of Draenor it’s time to lower the ruinously punishing miss chance for dual wielding, rather than enshrining it forever systemically as an unchangeable number gear can’t fix. We’re not interested in hit past 7.5% in Mists because it’s unreachable, not because hit is bad. At the end of Wrath, warriors actually hit that cap and it was a solid DPS increase. I get that it’s not an interesting stat, and I don’t mind it being gone, but now it’s time to let dual wield just hit things and balance our DPS around it.
  • PvPing on a warrior varies dramatically depending on how you’re playing – random BG’s vs arenas vs rated battlegrounds all affects how you’re interacting with others and how effective you are. Warriors are a lot harder to kite than other melee, but we lack their survivability without someone else covering our flaws – this makes us a lot stronger in arena than solo PvP, for instance.
  • And of course there will be transmog posts.

You’ve got this week to get some comments in place about which topics you’d like to see me talk about – it doesn’t have to be in that list, go ahead and leave a suggestion. I don’t promise I’ll get to all of your suggestions, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them.

And that’s the first post for The Warrior’s Onslaught.