The man, the myth, the mass of fur

Hello, everyone, and welcome to The Warrior’s Onslaughta page dedicated to the warrior class in World of Warcraft. You may know me as Matthew Rossi (because that’s my name) – I write about WoW at another site you may have heard of, but this is a personal blog and it’s dedicated to the warrior class, with some possible excursions into other games like Diablo III, Kingdoms of Amalur, Dragon Age and other such games that have a warrior or similar class. But the primary focus will be warriors in WoW – be it transmog, class mechanics, gameplay, or what have you.

If you’re interested in other stuff I do/have done, here’s a few links for you:

I’ll hopefully be regular posting here – the goal is to do one weekly column for sure, with one-off warrior content as it occurs to me. I’ll also probably import the posts from my tumblr over here, when I get the chance.

So here we are – The Warrior’s Onslaught welcomes you.

3 Responses to The man, the myth, the mass of fur

  1. Bob Saylor

    Matthew – good to see this. Ive been hopeful that you can carry on somehow with TCAFOW which I had been reading at WI for some five years. (Also your KYL.) Hopefully there will be more Podcasts soon.

    I have “At Last, Atlantis” and “Bottled Demon” What is your first book and is it an E-Book at Amazon?

    Take care and best wishes.


  2. Jennifer Foster

    Hi, I love your WOW insider columns as well as the podcast. I am glad to see you have a new site and that you might write about Diablo – I play my Diablo barbarian more than my WOW warrior.

  3. Glad you put up this site. I’ll be checking it often.

    If you figure out a way for me to buy your first book so that you get the money, I’ll buy it immediately. Now I know why my incessant “request for Kindle” versions on Amazon have gone on a deaf ear.

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