Getting ready to tank again


The last time I seriously MT’d in Mists of Pandaria was in Tier 14 content. So now that I’m trying to get ready to go prot full time again for at least a month (our guild’s MT is taking a month off and we’re looking at several other players taking off due to RL and burnout( one of the biggest things I’m having to do is relearn the tanking mindset. Frankly, I think I might skip relearning the way I used to be about tanking – namely, miserable, bitter and worked up over every little thing.

I tend to be a perfectionist. When I was tanking in Cataclysm I was doing so as a guy who wants to do everything perfectly – never loses aggro, never makes a mistake. Unfortunately for me, I tend to make mistakes because I’m human. And they bug the hell out of me. With warriors having been basically the weakest tanks in terms of both survivability and damage output for much of Mists, I was relieved to step away and do DPS for a while. But I don’t think I really am a DPS warrior. I’m a warrior who DPS’s, yes, but I never really manage to turn off the tanking mindset. It kind of gets in the way of doing my best, and I think I’m just learning now how to turn off both the part of my brain that is always thinking about tanking and the other part that gets furious when I can’t make my performance as a tank as ideal as it is in my brain.tankingstuffYou’ll have to forgive me that this post is so scattered – I started it before my comp blew up, and now it’s over a week later and I’m going back and just making sure I get something written for you all.

Right now my tanking gear is set up around Parry over Dodge over Mastery, with hit and expertise to their caps. (7.5% hit, 15% exp.) I know some tanks swear by the Crit/Mastery setup, and I’m working on setting up my DPS gear to see how that works out, but for right now I like the two piece Tier 16 set bonus and think going for this setup makes sense. I have both Heavy Repercussions and Hold The Line glyphed, even though it means not having Shield Slam (that glyph shouldn’t even be a glyph, frankly, it should just be baseline) because I really feel like Unending Rage is essential. I want to maximize both my Revenge and Shield Slam damage as much as I can, so I am considering swapping back to the Curse of Hubris, which would drop my dodge a bit. My gear is half and half heroic and normal mode gear, no valor upgrades as yet because I wasn’t focused on that before the comp explosion and I haven’t played much since.

I’ll write more about what I’m thinking/feeling about tanking once I get some actual heroic tanking in. Just wanted to give a sort of status update so folks didn’t wonder if I let the site die. I absolutely did not, and will not.


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7 Responses to Getting ready to tank again

  1. I’ve tanked hero SoO as a brewmaster and warrior up to 11/14 now (the latter in 25), and I can really tell you: The gearing choices are getting less dramatically decisive than they may have been in the past.

    In 25, your personal damage is really not that relevant (except hero-Siegecrafter where you’ll probably be #1 anyway) and you can keep SBlock up for max duration with either build.
    In 10s, I think guilds that pressure their tanks to do more damage (unless it is really terrible) probably have enough other places of potential improvement where the same effort would yield greater results.

    Siege doesn’t have that many fights where you can tank more stuff than usual to get more vengeance (except spoils), but performance and vengeance greatly outshine the DPS gains from going for crit.

    Also if you have 2+ warriors, maxing skull banner uptime and minimizing overlap (WeakAuras for all of you) is another notable (though not easily quantifiable in terms of “how much damage did that 1 warrior add to everyone else’s performance”) improvement.

  2. Thorrodin

    Glyph of Shield Slam is nice when you have something to purge (Mostly Spoils, although make sure your mages don’t want to spellsteal the buff), but you can swap one out when that happens.

    As far as Mists vs Cata — you’re still totally mobile as a warrior (maybe monk has us beat, but we leave Bear/Pally/DK in the dust), and our AoE got a lot better in 5.4 with a TC & deep wounds buff — basically everything you talk about wanting for the warrior without the boredom of passive mitigation.

  3. Peebers

    welcome back! is a full prot spec a pretty good idea for mog running cata raids? i’d really love to read about your mog runs.

    i’ve started collecting tank gear and have a few pieces of the last two tiers of lfr sets. i also have i550 fury set(not hating the rossi pads!)and was wondering if i just need the prot set bonuses and to fill in with fury gear or go full prot.


  4. Kazekraze

    I agree that the Crit Mastery build seems more of a gimmic than having any actual benefit, its nice to get a lot of crits off but with Ripost you’re really NOT that far off a pure crit build in terms of rage generation going parry/dodge. I don’t know what heroic gear would give me for a pure crit build but I still think that a Ripost based build would still be stronger for Survivability (and not far off on damage)

    Crit builds would really seem to plateau once you reach a point of generating at least 60 rage per 4.5 seconds which with Revenge giving 20rage now is not really that far fetched, dodge parry gives you more revenge chances so in my mind I have a REALLLLLLLLLY Hard time grasping the benefit of a crit build, yes you’ll enrage more but I don’t see that being a benefit over getting hit more/less revenge. The only situation I could see a crit build having large benefits is if you’re struggling with threat generation.

  5. Jaclie

    I end up having similar troubles, although I am not nearly at the heroic level of anything, I hate feeling like a screw up.
    It is weird when I DPS on my DK, because like 90% of the time she is a tank, so part of me is all, well, I can take the punishment, let me save that person over there….*splat*..

  6. Kelmor

    If you were dpsing in fury, was your ping/lat over 120ms? I figured out that it’s difficult to thread abilities at pings that most players have. I often wondered if Blizzard created with average ping times in mind, or with fast internal speeds. Smaller packets are a larger problem as time goes on, and with newer network equipment.

  7. Kelmor

    But as you say, once a tank always a tank at heart. But that’s not a bad thing. A dps that knows why and where the tank should go next, is why my dps is not always the best, but my utility and avoiding damage may be.

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