A brief post explaining where I’ve been and asking for some advice

So first up, my PSU blew up. Big bang, spark, dead computer. Hopefully not permanently dead, but yeah, no computer for me. This is why it’s taken so long for comments to be approved and why there’s been no posts here this week. If you want to donate to my ‘get a better computer’ fund, well, the PayPal link is down there on the sidebar. But don’t worry about it if you can’t or don’t want to, I’m just mentioning it because twitter told me to and I’m helpless in twitter’s grasp.

Anyway, the real reason I’m posting here is to ask y’all a question – if you were asked to suddenly start main tanking again, would you go with a heavy dodge/parry gear strategy, or a heavy crit/mastery strategy? I’m leaning towards crit mastery because I have a lot of crit/mastery gear, but I’m willing to listen to ideas about how I should go for a different strategy.

Hopefully my computer will be fixed soonish and I can start posting here again.

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7 Responses to A brief post explaining where I’ve been and asking for some advice

  1. I’d recommend Dodge/Parry. Through Riposte you basically get 2 stats for one, unlike pure crit. If you don’t have those stats, use the others since you have them already. We are probably the most stat-mobile we have been for a long while. On normal it won’t matter, Heroic, probably better drop the crit for anything else :D.

  2. Nakarn

    Hey Matthew!

    I started tanking recently and I was pondering exactly the same thing. Gearing for Dodge/Parry increases your riposte and thus increases your rage generation and thus your survivability through increased SBAR/SBLK uptime.

    When you gear for Crit/Mastery, you end up with less overall crit as compared to a Dodge/Parry build. You could go down this route if you intend to convert your DPS pieces to tanking but honestly, you’re better off just getting Dodge/Parry pieces. There is no Ra-den this tier so the value of mastery isn’t as strong.

    Hope this helped!

  3. Myrik

    Well I go with what AskMrRobot tells me which I think is a dodge/parry strat, but! As you are the all knowing, all seeing, Supreme Warrior Overlord, what is the difference? I ask since I am mostly Fury Dps, cause c’mon, who doesn’t love Titan’s Grip >:D
    Also, ignore the first one plz, made a mistake there, oops xD

  4. Jpec07

    My main is a Prot Warrior, and I’ve been following a gearing strategy that gives dodge, mastery, and parry all equal weight on Ask Mr. Robot. It’s been working pretty well for me, and I find that the benefit of evasion to survivability is a lot greater than the benefit of Crit. While Crit does trigger more rage generation, it feels like the instant Revenge proc you get from dodging or parrying is a lot better for that. In toe with that is Riposte, which has put out some really impressive numbers on the DPS side of things – and I’m only 527.

    Truth be told, I’m not entirely convinced at the viability of a Crit-heavy gearing approach for Prot warriors. Great for damage output, but only kind of meh for survivability.

    Also, is there a reason you’re not buying the replacement PSU yourself? They’re all pretty standard, and a replacement for a stock PSU should be relatively cheap (i.e. less than $50).

  5. Bullbar

    Sorry about your computer, hope it gets sorted soon. I know how annoying/frustrating it is to not have a computer when you are on the internet a lot.

    As for tanking, I would highly suggest Avoidance over Crit/Mastery. The amount of rage you get from avoidance gearing is truly insane and you’ll be swimming in it. SB and SBar will be a constant and you’ll take way less damage. You’ll also do a lot of damage with the Hold the Line and Heavy Repurcussions glyphs and the Riposte buff. While Crit + Mastery can be made to work, it’s not worth it imo, since you’ll take more damage than the avoidance build and probably not outdps it either.

  6. Kazekraze

    I have not had the chance to tank any heroic raids, but with the addition of Ripost the crit heavy build just does not make sense, you gain as much if not more from a dodge/parry build, the only sole reason I could see using crit on gear as a tank is if you get more stam/armor from a DPS piece however you would need to re enchant/gem said armor to be fully viable for a tanking set.

    I’ve been using the Ripost heavy build and so far I have not had any problem hitting 30%~ Crit and keeping Shieldblock+Barriers up on a regular basis I’m almost never without one or the other, in heroic gear I would say find the right balance between parry/dodge/mastery since when you start getting into DR territory to lower the direct value of your Parry/dodge rating.

  7. Hirrus

    Avoidance. Avoidance like CRAZY. Riposte gives me 25% crit chance in LFR gear. That might be less compared to what you can get with a crit build, but I also have like 50% avoidance standing still. I switched my gems recently from Mastery/Stamina to pure Avoidance, and my healers think Warrior tanks got some kind of ungodly ninja buff from how much easier I am to heal. You just can’t stack enough Mastery to compensate for the loss of avoidance while keeping enough Crit to top Riposte.

    If you’re looking to be tanking in the long term, though, a Crit/Mastery set might be better. Once the itemization changes kick in, Dodge and Parry are going away, and Crit/Mastery is probably going to be the only way to go. I know I’ll be super pissed if/when the avoidance stats on my gear turn into Haste rating. I just don’t have the bag space to store Crit/Mastery gear in preparation for that dark day.

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