Waiting for Warlords

Things I’m not going to do until I manage to get my hands on a beta include make any predictions about how well warriors will do in the next expansion. There’s just no way I can know that before I get to see more of the game, you know? But I will say this – the changes to instant cast spells and healing have the potential to make being melee DPS (that is to say, the majority of warriors) a lot less painful in PvE, and even with the loss of charge stun and the reshuffling of talents, I don’t foresee arms warriors suddenly falling out of PvP. Warriors have remained PvP mainstays since vanilla. Through BC and Wrath and Cataclysm and now Mists, no matter how strong or weak we were, we remained. There’s simply no way to get rid of warriors in PvP – we fill a niche that will forever be needed, and we do it in a way no one else really can among the melee. There is no other strength melee class with our combination of in-combat mobility and burst. So even after the changes, I expect warriors will do fine in PvP, but please understand I’m saying this without seeing the changes in action yet, because I can’t.

If it turns out we’re nerfed into uselessness, believe me, I’ll complain about it.

But back to why I think all the changes to healing and cast times might be good for us as melee DPS – the biggest problem with playing as a DPS warrior this expansion has been fights that basically force us to break off contact with whatever we’re DPSing in order to stay alive. In Siege of Orgrimmar, especially heroic SoO, this becomes acute, and it’s bad for warriors and other, lesser melee classes I won’t mention again because I don’t care about them. It’s doubly bad for warriors because we generate our resources through hitting our targets – if we’re not hitting them, we’re not generating the rage we’ll use to hit them harder. It’s also very annoying to (as an example) hit Colossus Smash and have Nazgrim leap away and then have to not approach him immediately because he’s being tanked in his heroic Shockwave, so that going near him will increase the chances of a Ravager spawn – you’ve just lost rage, you’ve lost your six second burst window, you’ve then lost more rage because you couldn’t charge in immediately. It’s a mess, and it’s not the only time this happens. Fights like Thok are basically huge examples of fights where you have a period you can shine, followed by a period wherein your absolutely useless, and the period you can shine in is one your healers are screaming to maintain due to the relentless bursts of raid wide damage going out.

Fight design needs to get melee friendlier, and one of the ways that can happen is if there’s less need to design fights where a half second inside a ground effect will push you into instant death mode when the boss’ next horrible attack comes out. These are changes that could affect raid design in a very positive way for warriors, because they could let us keep hitting things. So I’m cautiously optimistic on that score.

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8 Responses to Waiting for Warlords

  1. Kazekraze

    I know we’re trying to trim abilities, but hell.

    Armor Lock – 60second Cooldown, Locks your armor together reducing damage from Area Effect attacks by 70% for 6seconds, cancels if you move more than 5 feet.

    Chapman-Jump – Your Heroic Leap produces a Detonation wave that counteracts Persistent Damage effects in the area reducing the damage they deal by 50% for 10seconds.

    Mister Fantastic – Your arms stretch giving your melee attacks 30 yard range for 10seconds, 2min CD

    Feel My Pain/Not So Easy Is It – Pulls all Mages Warlocks Hunters and Shadowpriests to your location and roots them in place for 10 seconds, you uncontrollably laugh any time they take damage.

  2. Dayn

    Do you think they’ll actually go through with the change to charge? I know we have too many stuns as it is but why not take it away from something less iconic, like Shockwave?

    • matthewrossi

      They’re going to go through with the change to Charge. Shockwave’s stun is a huge part of why it gets used as a tanking ability despite doing less damage than the other options (the 20 second cooldown if used on multiple targets is the other reason) and they’re not going to nerf it further. If they were, they wouldn’t have switched Storm Bolt to be on the same tier as Shockwave so that you couldn’t take both of them.

      Although, again, please note that they could change their minds at any time, and I am not psychic.

      • Dayn

        We do have too many stuns but wouldn’t a better approach be to make Shockwave a silence instead so it can still be used to pull in casters? I haven’t done a lot of tanking lately but that’s what I used it for. I’d sometimes charge one caster and then flip around to nail the rest with Shockwave.

        • matthewrossi

          I think it’s very unlikely they’d give us a cone AoE silence when they’re taking most silences out.

          • Dayn

            I’d forgotten about that. Sometimes gameplay trumping flavor sucks rotten lemons.

  3. DeGei

    But I thought SoO was the most meleefriendly raid in Mists. Didn’t the devs say so?

    Sarcasm, even though my highest difficulty faced is flex.

  4. Hounds

    The other sucky part of being melee is the vomit rainbow that are spell effects clogging up your screen while you’re trying to DPS huge targets with small hitboxes or small targets with huge hitboxes.

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