Random thoughts as I barbarian my way through Diablo III


  • Tristram Cathedral is the largest cathedral structure ever erected. It is easily twenty times larger than the largest actual cathedral in existence. You could fit the entirety of St. Peter’s Basilica in here and have room for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It’s enormous. Terrifyingly so. I kind of like the mood it sets, but I have to ask myself what the people of Tristram were doing with such a massive cathedral structure. I know King Leoric moved his people there because Lazarus manipulated him into it, but it still seems like they went way, way overboard building that thing. I’d hate to imagine how much gold that thing cost.
  • Barbarian play is smoother and more satisfying that warrior play. You hit stuff to get fury, you spend fury. That’s it. The abilities are all fairly close in terms of their destructive potential, so it comes down to taste – would you rather have a giant hammer, a cone of explosive shocking force, or the ability to spin like a pretty ballerina who kills people with an axe? I’m sure there are already min-maxed builds out there, but the great thing about a single player game is, I don’t have to care. In WoW, I do.
  • The interplay between the male Barbarian and the Enchantress follower is fantastic. I haven’t even used any of the other followers since I discovered it.
  • I’ve said it before, but man, Blizzard, learn from the coolness factor on Barbaian abilities. Jazz up some of our warrior talents. And give us Calling of the Ancients as a level 100 talent.
  • I’ve rethought my objection to Paragon levels in WoW. In fact, I think I’d like to see a game that was all Paragon levels.
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4 Responses to Random thoughts as I barbarian my way through Diablo III

  1. Hirrus

    It’s actually viable to ignore the Fury resource altogether by using the passive Berserker Rage and either not using any Fury spenders, or minimizing their use. It can’t possibly be applied to Warrior in WoW, but it’s interesting that they gave Barbarians the option.

    • matthewrossi

      I go with the glyph that allows fury not to decay and just go nuts. I like it – spending fury feels a lot more fun than dealing with warrior rage issues.

      • Hirrus

        I will definitely agree there. I think you nailed the real difference by pointing out that abilities are closer in potential output than they are in WoW, because it means that they can make it so much easier to generate Fury with your primary attack. Imagine a world where Mortal Strike, Shield Slam, or Bloodthirst had no cooldown.

        Though the equivalence in output is probably mostly because of the single-player nature of the game. There’s not a community telling you that you need to run with skills A, B, and passive skill C or else you’re doing it wrong. The skills do the job, and they feel satisfying (some of them extremely so) and you can do whatever feels right, as long as you get the results YOU want, without having to worry about the results other people would demand.

  2. caljenks

    Definitely feel that a Warrior’s Avatar talent needs to at least look more like the Barbarian’s Wrath of the Berserker. I wanna Hulk out, not be bronzed…

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