The Endgame and the Warrior – Level 90 representation in Patch 5.4.7


Okay, I freely admit I’m not the stats guru Cynwise is. Never have been, never likely gonna be. But I wanted to see where warrior representation at level 90 was as of March and patch 5.4.7, and it’s not really fair of me to go around basically whining and saying “Heyyyyy, Cynnnnn, do my work forrrr meee” so instead of that, I’m going to spend some time looking at the numbers myself.

There will be no spreadsheets. I know you love spreadsheets. But I’m just going to take a quick and dirty look at what Realmpop and World of Wargraphs have to say about warriors overall and at level 90, what the numbers are and aren’t. Right now, using the US population, Realmpop has warriors at 9.6% of the class population, but only 8.9% at level 90. This  means that we’ve dropped again.

In patch 5.4.2 warriors were around 9.17% at level 90. Right now, the trends we saw before remain – fury warriors make up the majority of warriors in PvE, especially in heroic raiding (fury warriors, despite being the least played warrior spec overall at 90, make up 4.3% of raiding warriors in heroics according to World of Wargraphs) while arms, despite being the most played warrior spec, barely even makes an appearance in the same level of raiding. The arms warrior is 3.6% of the game, but 0.3% in heroic raiding. Arms’ numbers are of course buoyed up by its ridiculously high popularity in PvP. Realmpop unfortunately doesn’t report on specs, so we’re taking World of Wargraph’s percentages as accurate, and according to them, arms warriors are 3.6% of the level 90 players, but an astonishing 15.1% of 1800 or above PvPers.

This is all in line with what we were seeing, save for the dip in representation at 90, which I think is potentially explainable as people not leveling their warrior alts with the same fervor as other classes – it seems likely that if you were interested in leveling and playing your warrior, you already did, and those people with unleveled warrior alts are simply not bothering to level them. It’s troubling, to be sure.

Tanking representation is currently spread more evenly than before, with protection paladins and blood DK’s still the kings at 3.4% and 3.1%, respectively. (That number is actually not as good as we might expect for blood DK’s, who are over 4% of level 90’s) Protection warriors are an even 3% in heroic raiding and an overall 3.1% of level 90 players according to World of Wargraphs – compared to last August’s numbers, this is interesting because it means that there’s roughly a .5% increase in raids (prot warriors went from 2.5% to 3%) but a .4% drop in total representation at 90 for protection.

For those who are interested, guardian druids are in the old warrior slot of 2.5% of raiding despite only being 1.6% of the total 90 population, and brewmaster monks are at 2.1% of raiding and 1.5% of all 90’s. In general, while monk numbers have gone up they’re still the least played class, and druids have four specs to split among their 9.8% of the level 90 pie.

Those prot warriors that remain are getting to tank more (almost exclusively at the expense of tanking blood DK’s) but in general, there are less protection warriors in total. The only warrior spec that hasn’t lost much in terms of its slice of the total level 90 pie is arms, due to the PvP issue – in PvE, there are simply less warriors at 90, and less DPS warriors in raiding than there have been all expansion. Fury saw a drop, and arms barely exists in PvE.

In general, warrior numbers aren’t plummeting, they’re simply slowly declining. Whether it’s simply a stagnant pool of warrior players compared to other classes getting more attention as people start working on alts or an active migration away from the class is hard to determine from just these numbers. A year of continuous decline in representation, especially when classes like rogues and warlocks (generally seen as the least popular) have seen steady gains, doesn’t bode well for the health of the class going into Warlords of Draenor. I’m not thrilled about the decline in overall representation continuing into patch 5.4.7 like this – I’d hoped the slight bump from 5.4.2 would have continued.

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4 Responses to The Endgame and the Warrior – Level 90 representation in Patch 5.4.7

  1. Kazekraze

    I can honestly say that it comes down to the idea that a good amount of guilds DO NOT take warriors, we’ve gone from bad to better this Xpac and as someone who has returned from a break (IRL kept me out from 5.2 to just after 5.4 dropped) getting a raid slot is nearly impossible. Even putting the effort into gearing up as best one can outside of a raiding guild most people just have a horrible opinion of warrior performance which is due to how underwhelming we are at lower gear levels. Sure once you get into near to BiS you can produce numbers – However no one wants to take warriors along for the ride as it were when almost every other class can out perform us for progression purposes.

    I’m a diehard warrior player and even I’m finding it hard not to just drop the Cannonball and switch mains to my hunter or shaman ( I confess I’ve given into my guilds in the past and done it during our weaker days)

    It drives me somewhat nuts at times that it seems that our state of being one of the behind classes still stems from the fear of Warriors being the top melee and the top tank again which generally happens around the end of an expansion.

    I hope WoD does address some of our issues otherwise we will probably continue to see this slope get more slippery for warriors and the only ones still playing them will be the die hard fans of Titans Grip and Spiky armor.

    • wackydavo

      I’m a pretty casual warrior and to see this kind of stuff still happening is a bit frustrating. I’m 85% sure my Hunter will be my main in WoD. I love my warrior. He was my first main, he holds a ton of good memories, and I loved his play-style before they introduced Colossus Smash into the game. I still love charging into mobs’ faces. I get frustrated with the whole below-average-dps-with-low-ilvl-gear-above-average-dps-with-high-ilvl-gear seesaw.

      Also, are you Kazeyonoma from Tankspot?

  2. Hounds

    I’ve been seriously thinking about switching to my warrior again for a main in WoD so that my guild can finally have another stable tank situation (we’ve been through about 4 off-tanks in the last few months). The problem is our main tank….is a warrior. We also have 2 other melee and I just can’t justify dropping my EleShaman, which brings a TON of utility and similar DPS, for a 4th melee or 2nd warrior tank.

    Which brings me to my question that is related to your post.

    Do warriors bring enough to the table? I know they have a lot like Rallying Cry, Banner, Vigilance, etc. but compared to abilities like BoP/Bubble, Zen Meditation, etc. that allows some tanks to completely ignore or cheese encounters or compared to other DPS, is it enough?

    I think even if they do bring a lot to the table for the sake of the raid (and I’m not convinced that they do) a big problem is that the perception is that they don’t.

    The perception, in my experience, is arms = pvp, fury = good, but only with good gear, prot = mediocre, not as good as monk, pally, dk.

    • Kazekraze

      Since Skull Banner is getting mashed into a self only CD (Recklessnes) I’m ok with that however, it IS one of the driving factors to have a warrior on board. You add Skullbanner to Bloodlust and you have one hell of a damage boost. Lacking that our only Utility that is not duplicated is Rallying Cry which is solid. As it stands we need a bit more to make ourselves worthwhile for a raid to bring. If you’re looking to bring a tank to your guild pool, Warriors are fun to play, your healers will thank you to bring a Paladin Monk or DK to the table instead of a Warrior, they’re capable of gimping entire mechanics and dealing far more damage (on par or higher than most DPS classes in some situations)
      That being said –

      Play your warrior, dig in and get him tanking, because our largest enemy is the negative perceptions that have persisted about warriors throughout this entire expansion, we need a Warrior Horde out there (Whatever race you feel you must play, yes even Space Goats) to make sure that this idea of Warrior inferiority is stomped out. I’m not saying we’ll rise above the other tanks or DPS even, but Warriors are still viable in every role we can do, we’re just not top dog but thats how its been for the past 3 expansions (barring the end of WoTLK for Fury, and Late Cata for Prot)

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