A Savage Transmog







Experimenting with doing transmog posts with WordPress instead of tumblr, not sure if I like or dislike how it does things. Sometimes, WordPress absolutely rocks my world – I greatly prefer it to my work CMS – but I’m not sold on how it handles images. Anyway – this is a set of gear I’m working on that uses actual gear introduced in patch 5.4, which I often shy away from. The weapon is an old PvP sword from Burning Crusade, because the original model (Jin’rohk, The Great Apocalypse) is on an alt and not my main and wow, that doesn’t annoy me at all. Not even a little.

Okay, so it stings like trying to eat a beehive.

Anyway, this set is the Season 14 PvP legs, chest and boots, the Warrior Tier 16 heroic shoulders and gloves, and the DK tier 16 heroic lookalike helm from Heroic Spoils. It just does a good job of looking, well, savage to me, and I may well use it in Warlords.

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2 Responses to A Savage Transmog

  1. Not a bad looking set but I have to say I really like the old Dark Iron set, I feel like sets are getting more tacky as we go and just aren’t that impressive. While the Dark Iron set may be plain ish, I like its cleanness!
    Komard – GM
    Guard of The Throne

  2. Hounds

    Looking forward to your site!
    Some feedback: I think the site is too “busy.” Seems like it’s trying to do a lot with a little, but I guess it’s going for the Onslaught Tier theme. It just seems very geocities. I’m not trying to be a jerk, just trying to be helpful.

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