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This is mostly a post testing out my ability to post stuff from this site to my tumblr and to have it published on Twitter. To make it not be completely useless, I’m going to put in a few more screenshots. If you’re reading this on tumblr, you should be warned that this means that there will be posts on there from my new blog The Warrior’s Onslaught, which are not transmog posts but rather general warrior posts. I just wanted that to be out there now, so if that’s something you hate you can avoid said posts.


That’s the background and header image I’m using for this site, in a larger image. It had to have Ashkandi in it, we all knew that. There was no way to escape it.


Okay, enough for now. I promise actual content in the next couple of days.

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2 Responses to A post of some pictures

  1. If this is the spiritual successor to TCaFoW, then consider me subscribed!

  2. suntiger745

    So happy to see this site. :)
    You have my sword!

    And axe, mace, polearm, staff and that broom over there.

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