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Because sometimes I feel like people see me as overly negative, a few points:

  1. Disliking how the Colossus Smash mechanic works for fury does not mean I am ignorant of how well integrated it is in arms, nor that I think it doesn’t work in the current fury rotation. Let me be clear about it – I know that CS works fine in the current fury DPS scheme. My problem with how fury works as a DPS spec isn’t its damage output, it’s how constrained it feels. If you like that style, cool – I don’t. But either way, I’m not blind to its good points. I think the solution Watcher and Celestalon tweeted about will combine well with Ignite Weapon for those warriors who want to use rage more fluidly and those warriors who like the burst window gameplay can continue on as they are. It’s a good potential solution.
  2. Tanking right now is good, as a warrior. I am not ignorant of that. It lacks some things in my opinion (anyone who tanked in Cataclysm knows how awesome perma-Vigilance was) but it’s very good.
  3. Arms PvP is overpowered. It needs the changes coming. Complaining about them won’t change the fact that something needed to be done. When a spec is the most popular one in a class and yet it is vanishingly rare in PvE, that tells you something.
  4. Warriors still look better than any other class. It’s pretty indisputable.
  5. I’m aware (really, really aware) of how alpha the alpha is. I don’t criticize the decisions I’ve seen so far out of a desire to complain for complaint’s sake, but rather in the hopes that some will be addressed. And while I’m under no delusion that I have anything like a huge platform here, if enough warriors are vocal now, we have a chance to see some positive changes. I think the Colossus Smash glyph solution is good evidence that Blizzard does listen to us as a collective, even if they don’t always make immediate changes.
  6. A big post about my thoughts on rage and rage generation in Warlords is coming, I promise.
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10 Responses to An Alternate View

  1. Casja

    I had not seen the tweets by watcher and celestalon so thank you for linking that. I do think thats a step in the right direction in reguards to the CS problem depending on how weak they make the armor debuff.

  2. Hirrus

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease. With Warrior representation propped up by entrenched and visible loyalists and PvP Arms Warrior opportunists, Blizzard isn’t going to see a problem if nobody is talking about it. So thank you, Rossi, for talking about the problems, even if it makes you look overly negative sometimes.

    • Morfanai

      I’ve never thought of Rossi as negative, just vocal. The Care and Feeding of Warriors was the series I most looked forward to on WoW Insider and he always described the realities of playing a warrior. It’s clear to me that he cares about the class and is providing valuable feedback about the gameplay.

      Keep up the good work Matt!

  3. Casja

    I dont feel Rossi is negative at all. He is one of the major figureheads of the warrior community and is doing his part to make sure that we have the best class we can have.

  4. Kazekraze

    The idea of having CS up all the time I like, but if they make the effect too weak say…30% armor debuff rather than the 34% you’d see a damage loss, however not having to every worry about capping rage, which can become an issue with how fury is right now. the CS idea solves one problem, but not the other. as far as I can tell after they remove 50% of the value of haste, evne with the GCD and BT cooldown reduction we’re STILL in the situation where haste is usless and Crit caps all. I could see situations where Crit + haste comes into play while ignoring mastery but I get the feeling that Crit will still be worth more than 10x what haste is. and haste will only be good if you can manage to maintain crit for enrage AND get your CD for BT down to 3seconds. (meaning 2 chances to refresh enrage rather than 1)

    I do however like the Glyph for CS more than IW, the cost on IW is pretty hefty and it removes our main rage dump (since it would be impossible to dump rage during Bloodsurge! procs)

    • Kazekraze

      I shouldn’t ignore arms though I guess, the glyph for arms would be ok, it would change Sudden Death from a “time your rage around CS procs” to another rage generator. Also I see Arms being very balanced with the haste changes since their mastery is based from extra swings, so haste makes their mastery more valuable, and while being enraged is good for them (10% damage) it doesn’t have the “Ball and chain” to mastery that Fury suffers from.

      That is the core of Fury’s problem right now, without crit our 2nd best stat, is worthless, we have to crit to use our mastery. if they just made mastery stand by itself say Mastery increases your damage while enraged and CHANCE TO BECOME ENRAGED from any attack rather than having enrage only happen from crits of BT and CS, remove the rage gen from becomming enraged and just throw it on to “any time you land a crit you generate 50% more rage from that attack” I think that would bring all 3 stats in line fairly well. Leaving crit some(but not overwhelming) value, haste ties into mastery, and mastery increases the benefit of crit. If this reads like a ramble Sorry, I’ll go drink my coffee now!

  5. Jeroun

    Can you stop tweeting devs and making blog posts acting like every warrior hates cs. The whole “unless warriors speak up cs won’t change” is bs. Maybe we aren’t speaking up because we like the gameplay. If you acted like it is your own opinion it wouldn’t bother me but the whole “this is what’s wrong with warriors an we all agree” is over the top.

    • matthewrossi

      You’re leaving this comment in the very post where I admit not everyone hates it. What, exactly, is the point of that?

      Everything I write here is my own opinion, but you can see by perusing the comments here I’m FAR from the only warrior who feels CS is a problem. But keep ignoring any opinion that you don’t share.

    • Casja

      If you enjoy the gameplay you absolutely should speak up and voice your opinion. Devs need positive and negative feedback. That being said I’ve seen a overwhelming majority express that fury feels clunky and awkward and most seem to want some changes to liven up the spec. Sorry you don’t agree but in pretty sure you are the minority here.

    • Kazekraze

      Not all warriors hate it, I raid with another Fury warrior in 25man that loves the CS mechanic, he also had never played a warrior prior to MoP and has no real reference to how fluid the class felt prior to being pigeon holed into a 6 second window. I enjoy CS because it gives me some nice big numbers (1M+ Stormbolts for example) I hate CS because we’re balanced around the idea of that burst window and outside of it I feel like I might as well be hitting bosses with a blade of grass or throwing flowers at them.

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