Warlords of Draenor and things I haven’t discussed yet

Allright. Been an absolutely terrible month for me personally so far (looking at a 2k bill I have no way to pay) so I’ve been distracted. So, what’ve I missed so far in terms of Warlords of Draenor?

  • Draenor Perks. I didn’t mention them. They’re fairly boring – a bunch of abilities will get more damage. A few of them are interesting – Improved Colossus Smash turns CS into a rage generator (similar to the DPS set bonus from Siege of Orgrimmar, but more direct) bringing DPS warriors up to 2 (and it’s a lot better for Arms with its random proc CS than Fury, which has no such ability). Fury gets more flat out DPS boosts with Imp Wild Strike, Imp Bloodthirst, and Imp Raging Blow, plus buffs to Meat Cleaver that will make it less expensive to use the Whirlwind/Raging Blow combination (two stacks of MC per WW, meaning you’ll only need to WW twice to get max multiple targets for Raging Blow) while Arms gets buffs to Sweeping Strike’s duration and how much splash damage Slam deals out – were we under the impression that warriors need even more AoE? Arms is kind of baffling with no buff to Mortal Strike via perks, but a buff to Overpower’s damage, and the Empowered Execute Perk is a baffling 50% buff to the ability. So we’re back to the warrior as the class that sucks until Execute range, are we? I realize I sometimes sound like a broken record here, but why? Why make it so you basically hit your rage generation and Execute like a drinky bird during the sub 20% phase of any boss fight? Why make it worse?
  • The tanking perks are equally bland, but they’re not bad. Imp Heroic Throw makes it spammable, good for picking up adds. Several flat out buffs to attacks or active mitigation abilities, unremarkable but nice. Unwavering Sentinel gets a flat 15% bonus armor while Bastion of Defense gets a flat 10% bonus block chance – both are nice for survival, if not terribly imaginative. Perks seem designed to just give you some candy as you level, stuff you don’t have to think about that just makes you better, and since they’re randomized you can’t and won’t spend any time worrying about which you want – you get what you get until you get them all. I don’t hate them. I just think they could use some differentiation, especially between Arms and Fury. And all three specs getting Improved Charge just seems lazy as hell to me. Just slap an extra 10 yard range on Charge and give all three specs their own unique Perk already.
  • I bitched about agi users getting 10% crit free, and I still think that’s shit. Just irritating as hell. But I do like that attack power from stats is being simplified so that each point of str is a point of AP, because it’s easy to understand and explain. And I do think the new Attack Power to Weapon Damage (3.5 AP per 1 DPS) is easier to grasp as well. I think making it 3.5 AP instead of 3 or 4 was a weird choice on their part. Since stats are being squished anyway, the 20% weapon damage reduction won’t be all that noticeable, and it makes Strength an even more valuable stat for us, potentially giving it some help against crit (although let’s not kid ourselves, with 2 rage generators and charge per spec, we’re going to suckle at crit’s teat for another expansion). I’d personally like to see Strength do something else cool for us, just to even out that 10% crit handout that the agi classes are getting.
  • 83% chance to hit while dual wielding isn’t great, but it’s better than the 73% I thought we were going to get. It’s about comparable to what a dual wielding warrior would have now with about 10% hit. (I’m basing this on the 17% chance to miss while dual wielding in Warlords vs. the current 27% chance to miss dual wielding against bosses in Mists of Pandaria) I think there should definitely be a Draenor Perk reducing this or in some other way compensating for it in terms of lost rage generation, but it’s not horribly crippling.
  • The PvP changes neuter arms without the rest of the changes giving them anything back to make them remain viable. I don’t see how this is debatable – no more cooldown stacking, no more charge stun without blowing a charge talent that will get rid of the shorter cooldown or double charge, no more stun stacking, and reduced critical hit damage when you do crit (making Recklessness worse). I expect to see arms warriors go through another ‘beginning of Cataclysm‘ drop off when Warlords comes out. Perhaps this will finally get Blizzard attention on the problems with the class overall.  I’m somewhat hopeful that fury will get to do some PvP, but I’m not holding my breath on it, while protection warriors might as well not bother with the changes to make flag carrying by tanks worthless. Still, with Vengeance gone, and tank damage going up overall, we might see some prot warriors making a comeback for node defense and general harassment, since Shockwave and Bladestorm won’t share a tier anymore.

I’m still working on some thoughts vis a vis how this is all going to shake out which I’ll hopefully post this weekend, and working on how my return to tanking is going (so far I’ve tanked about half of Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar and aside from being annoyed with how I did on Heroic Norushen it wasn’t bad). I’m also working on ways to make some money – if you have any to spare, there’s a donate button in the sidebar. I’m considering actually trying to sell merchandise, but I have zero idea how to go about that. See y’all around.

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3 Responses to Warlords of Draenor and things I haven’t discussed yet

  1. Bruce Baugh

    Sorry I can’t donate more, but every bit helps, I hope.

    Have I missed you commenting much on Gladiator’s Resolve? I look at it and am filled with drooling hope because I really, really want to dps with a shield and 1Her. How’s it looking to you?

  2. Ardam

    Improved Mortal Strike: Increases the damage of Mortal Strike by 20%.
    Must have missed that one.

    Yeah, our perks aren’t particularly inspiring. They obviously felt that our aoe rotations needed a bit of improvement in terms of quality of life, and to be fair, perks is where they seem to be putting most of QoL improvements, for every class. Would be nice to have something to be excited for single target as well, though. Here’s hoping that some of these Draenor perks trickle down after the expansion is over.

    The tanking perks are also rather bland. The armor buff continues the trend of warriors having the most passive damage mitigation – I guess that might be what they want to be our niche? However, if Mists is any indication, physical damage hasn’t been much of an issue for any tank (other than rare examples like Tortos and bears).
    I’m also a bit concerned that they’re letting Prot warriors languish behind in terms of stamina. A lot of people have gotten used to reading ilevel by health pool; warriors might get a stigma because our health is going to be quite far behind other tanks.

  3. Kazekraze

    Still waiting to hear about “Titan Wall – Allows Protection Warriors to use 2handers with a shield” Also looks like Celestation has a real strong hate for fury warriors, being said that forcing us to do the “sit and spin” for 42seconds out of every minute is fully intended and will not be changed. If they’re looking to drive more people away from playing Warriors WoD looks to be a crowning achievement in that department. I guess rogues have to be more popular than someone.

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