The Great Yawn – Warriors and the Warlords of Draenor Alpha Patch Notes


Uhm… not a whole lot there, huh?

Yes, I’m talking about the Warlords of Draenor alpha patch notes. Or more to the point, the “We took away your means to generate rage outside of one attack on a cooldown between 4 and 6 seconds, hope you like leveling without any control over that.” Seriously, as these patch notes stand (and yes, I’m aware they are Alpha patch notes and thus not finalized) warriors have lost Berserker Stance, Battle Shout rage gen, Commanding Shout rage gen (basically the same rage gen) and Berserker Rage’s ability to generate rage for us. We have completely lost the ability to generate rage from damage we take (pretty much the only reason anyone used Berserker Rage anymore) and our emergency ‘give us rage now’ abilities now… don’t. We’re even told “If you want some rage before you start combat, charge to get it.” Which would be fine if A – we could charge in melee range and B – charge was up a lot more often than it is now and C- charge generated significantly more rage than it does. I’m very leery of these changes for leveling warriors and undergeared ones at level cap. Is it going to hurt the warrior who crits on almost every other MS or Bloodthirst? No. Is it going to hurt the warrior struggling to hit 18% crit? Yes, very much so.

The harder leveling a class is, the less likely people are to stick with it, and warriors are in a precarious position right now, propped up by OP Arms warriors in PvP. The last thing we need is more people jumping ship because rage is a burdensome limitation on gameplay and not a rewarding part of the process. Again, I know these are just Alpha changes – that’s why I’m raising concerns with them now. If the Mists of Pandaria alpha and beta taught me anything, it’s that you have to mention your concerns early and often.

Other problems I have include Headlong Rush, the new haste ability. It will cause haste to reduce warrior GCD and the GCD and cooldown on specific abilities. To reproduce exactly how it is worded – “Headlong Rush is a new passive ability for Warriors – Headlong Rush: Haste reduces global cooldown and the cooldowns of Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst, Shield Slam, and Thunder Clap.” Clearly, this is an attempt to make haste do something, anything useful for us. In theory, this means it will increase our rage generation (being able to use MS, BT or Shield Slam means more rage), DPS (since we’ll be using our abilities faster with our GCD reduced from 1.5 seconds) and it will benefit arms and protection on AoE situations. The problems I have with it are threefold.

  1. Making our GCD reduce isn’t necessarily doing us any favors if we don’t have the ability to make use of those faster GCD’s. We’re still controlled by how much rage we have, and near as I can tell, the Burst Window hasn’t gone anywhere for fury, meaning you’re still going to be sitting on your hands unless Colossus Smash is up. Who cares if you have the ability to use more stuff if you can’t use it anyway?
  2. Does any warrior want to find themselves with a 1 second GCD, or perhaps below it? I get hand cramp now during some fights. You want to need to snap off attacks every second?
  3. This still doesn’t change our dependence on Crit. In fact, without Shout rage or the ability to force an Enrage with Berserker Rage, we’re more crit dependent than ever. We won’t be able to reforge, so we’re just going to pass on anything without crit on it. Who cares about Headlong Rush when you can’t afford it?

It’s a good idea in theory, but it needs work – our entire Enrage scheme does, in fact. I’m disappointed it didn’t get any.

In general that’s my problem with these patch notes. I’m not weeping over the stuff that’s gone, I’m more stunned at how little we get. I’m annoyed that, when reworking how primary stats work with attack power, agility classes get a flat bonus 10% crit when warriors are far, far more crit dependent than any agility class and we didn’t get any such bump. Giving warriors a flat 10% crit would really help the leveling warriors who just lost a lot of their rage generation – why was this handout given to agility classes, many of whom already don’t even like crit? The Attack Power changes in and of themselves neither excite or upset me – once I see them in action I’ll have more of an opinion. Base damage being effectively removed from spells so that it all scales with AP and weapon damage could be great for us, or it could be terrible – we’ll see how that shakes out, but I’m hopeful.


Here is the laundry list of stuff removed from warriors. Don’t see anything here that makes me panic much. Some nostalgia, I’ll admit to.

  • Battle Shout now lasts 1 hour and no longer generates Rage.
  • Berserker Rage no longer generates Rage or increases Physical damage dealt.
  • Berserker Stance has been removed.
  • Cleave has been removed.
  • Commanding Shout now lasts 1 hour and no longer generates Rage.
  • Demoralizing Banner has been removed.
  • Hamstring is now a passive ability that causes Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst, Revenge, and Raging Blow to also reduce the target’s movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds.
  • Rallying Cry is no longer available to Protection Warriors.
  • Recklessness is now available only to Fury and Arms Warriors.
  • Skull Banner has been removed.
  • Throw has been removed.
  • Thunder Clap is no longer available to Fury Warriors.
  • Whirlwind is now available only to Fury Warriors.

I’ve called the removal of Cleave multiple times, so it would be the most ridiculous thing imaginable for me to protest it – the ability simply doesn’t get a lot of use when Slam, Raging Blow and Revenge all have cleave components in them. It’s redundant, time for it to go. Hamstring as a passive on various abilities is weird – we’ll see how it plays out. Two of our three banners are gone, meaning that so far as I can tell, the banner experiment has been deemed a failure with Mocking Banner the only survivor. I never used TC as fury and never used WW as anything but fury, so I don’t think that change is particularly significant. I’m nostalgic about Berserker Stance being gone, and the change to Berserker Rage I’ve already covered as a negative. I’m also sentimental about the loss of the Sunder Armor effect. Shouts lasting an hour is nice for pure ‘now this buff lasts the same as other buffs’ but the loss of rage generation is a sore spot with me – we need compensatory mechanics and I’m not seeing Headlong Rush as the answer.

Finally, there’s the warrior section of the patch notes. It talks about problems it wanted to fix with warriors, but you’ll note something – none of these problems are problems we had, they’re problems other classes had with us. Cooldown stacking? Reducing Recklessness’ crit bonus by 15%? (Baking the Skull Banner bonus in doesn’t compensate for that.) Making Second Wind a leech? Moving Storm Bolt down and Bladestorm up? These are all problems other people had with us, not problems we had that need addressing. Our over-reliance on Crit, our janky fury rotation built entirely around Colossus Smash, our loss of our role as mobile tanks, none of it got addressed. The level 100 talents (with the exception of Gladiator’s Resolve) don’t do much to combat this. It’s nice that Enrage will now work on ALL damage so that our Ignite Weapon talent won’t be completely useless, but it still isn’t a compelling talent choice considering it costs 30 freaking rage and replaces Heroic Strike, which means it changes how fury works entirely and not for the better.

In short, all the design we see in these Alpha notes is based on other people having problems with warriors in PvP, and in no way looks at any warrior problems in PvP or PvE. These aren’t patch notes FOR us, they’re just notes on what is happening TO us. This is now the third expansion in a row where we get almost nothing in terms of cool new abilities. Heck, it pretty much guts banners, which was basically all we got last time. I am not happy with these notes, not at all. Again, you don’t have to tell me it’s an Alpha build. I fully recognize that. That’s why I’m saying that it’s not good enough now, so that hopefully some real effort will be put into making it good enough for us by Beta. Warriors need some positive change, not just pruning, nerfs, questionable mechanics and a wholescale slashing of our control over our own resources.

Other classes got long standing issues like positioning and combo points positively addressed. Let’s see some positive changes for warriors. These notes were not what we need.


I didn’t really discuss our level 100 talents. I’m going to do that now because it occurs to me that I’m not giving Ignite Weapon a fair shake, and I want to discuss the potential of the talent and why I like it and hope it works out.

Anger Management is still one of those talents that we have a hard time judging until we see how it works with Readiness. With us being down to one active DPS cooldown, is Readiness going to offer us enough benefit to keep us interested? What else will Readiness even effect? I see Anger Management as a promising talent for arms, and perhaps prot, but I don’t think prot are going to take it or Ravager due to their specialized level 100 talent, Gladiator’s Resolve.

Ravager is what it sounds like, you throw one of those axes Nazgrim used in SoO at an area and it does damage to the things in that area. It’s a fifteen second AoE that does damage every second – it’s basically Bladestorm that you don’t have to do yourself and can place if you want to. It also buffs parry, making it attractive as a mini cooldown for protection warriors. I also don’t think they’ll take it. Why? Because, again, Gladiator’s Resolve just seems like the coolest, best idea ever for a level 100 talent and I can’t imagine prot warriors not wanting to play with it.


Now, I know that’s a messy as heck tooltip, but just look at what it’s suggesting. It buffs Defensive Stance by a flat 5% additional damage reduction, and it gives a protection warrior a viable means to DPS while remaining a prot warrior, using the same moves, and copies that cool version of Shield Bash from Diablo III‘s Crusader class. I’m not sure what if anything happens to Shield Barrier in this scheme, but I’m still very interested in getting to play with Gladiator Stance. And the idea of a stance you can’t switch to or from in combat is interesting to me.

Finally, there’s Ignite Weapon. IW interests me because it may be the way for those warriors who like myself are tired of Colossus Smash controlling our rotation to get out from under it. With Ignite Weapon, you deal 100% weapon damage (140% if you’re SMF) as fire damage, and not only do your autoattacks then do fire damage for the next 10 seconds, you completely replace Heroic Strike meaning that you no longer have to worry about using it during CS. Ignite Weapon doesn’t need CS to ignore armor because fire damage already ignores armor, and the change to Enrage means that the fire damage of Ignite Weapon and those autoattacks will be buffed by Enrage just as if they were physical damage. I think this ability may need to see its damage tweaked upwards to compensate for costing the CS burst window, but I’m hopeful for it. So there’s that. That’s my attempt to be fair and discuss what we are getting.

I also haven’t talked about the Draenor Perks. I’ll probably cover them in a separate post this weekend.

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43 Responses to The Great Yawn – Warriors and the Warlords of Draenor Alpha Patch Notes

  1. Caid

    Isn’t the reason Agl classes got the passive is because Agility isn’t giving crit rataing anymore?

    • matthewrossi

      I know why they’re getting it. Why SHOULD they get it? Why should they get more crit than us? Why was agi favored in that way to begin with over strength? Why were we penalized on crit, especially considering how crit dependent we are? It’s always been bullshit and it is STILL bullshit.

      • Brunold

        Because agility traditionally is a crit-enhancing stat (although I admittedly can’t think of any rpg in which agi or dexterity work that way). Rogues, hunters are connected crit through agi. There’s no need to keep crit if agi itself gets rid of it. Here they could have gone game changing.

        • matthewrossi

          Yeah, and? I’ve never liked the design, and I don’t see why it should remain. It made agility twice as good as strength and penalized strength classes unfairly.

        • Hirrus

          I think the funniest part of the change was that INT classes didn’t get the same crit buff despite also losing it from their primary stat. Because there are majorly crit-dependant AGI specs, but nobody with INT likes crit! Nope! Not a one of them. Blizz knocks another one out of the park here!

          • suntiger745

            Aren’t fire mages highly crit dependent?
            And has there been any change to that in the patch notes?

          • Hirrus

            Sorry, I apparently forgot my sarcasm tag.

            There are crit dependant Int classes. Only Fire Mages come close to Warrior’s dependance on it, but Disc Priests, Holy Paladins, and Resto Shaman all have mechanics that depend upon getting crits, especially mechanics that involve resource regeneration and conservation. As frustrating as it is for a Warrior to see free crit handed to classes and specs that don’t require it to make their class functional, I think Int classes have more reason to complain about Agi classes getting a free 10% while they lose the crit chance they’ve come to depend on without getting a boost.

  2. Felade

    Rossi, I’ve followed you for a long time, and I think what we have here is that your idea of the class and Blizzards’ are very different.

    – Rage is fine. Warrior DPS is great, Warrior tanking is great. Rage is therefore, for all intents and purposes, fine. There’s really little downside to it. Personally, I like where Rage is now and I don’t mind it being tied to a few abilities.

    • matthewrossi

      Do you mind it being tied to ONE ability? Because that’s what it will be.

      As for Warrior DPS being great… numver 14 out of all specs is great? Okay.

      I’m looking at how rage WILL BE, not how it is now. They just took away shouts and Berserker Rage and an entire stance. We just lost rage generation. Talking about how the class plays right now is immaterial. How is it GOING to play? That’s the issue.

      • Felade

        Chi is tied to one ability, really. Same issue. Not a big deal.

        • matthewrossi

          Chi doesn’t starve if you don’t have a shitload of crit. Ask a level 35 warrior how he feels sitting at constant rage starvation, or a newly 100 warrior who can’t crit for shit. I wouldn’t mind it so much if not for these factors.

          • Jpec07

            I’ll echo this. I basically can’t play my warrior as DPS because I don’t have anywhere near enough Crit for it to be viable, let alone enjoyable.

          • Felade

            And we come back to the Crit issue again. Crit is the real problem here. If they address it, problem solved. If they don’t, then its a problem, I agree.

    • Felade

      ok, that didn’t work. Here’s an addendum:

      – Berserker Rage had no business giving DPS. Its a good utility button, but making it give DPS just was another unnecessary button to push in the rotation.

      – We’ll see what they do with Crit dependence. Fire Mages got something to help them out at lower gear levels. Perhaps there’s a shoe that has yet to drop here. If they don’t address it, then yeah, its a problem.

      – They LIKE Colossus Smash. They LIKE that you have to pump all your abilities into a 6 second window. That’s not likely to change because they see it as a perk, not a problem.

      I’m actually gonna miss cleave (I really like the “on next swing” mechanic, it feels really unique among melee specs and makes Warrior feel really active).

      • matthewrossi

        Making Berserker Rage give rage made up for the lack of crit on lower geared warriors. Taking it away penalizes them. It’s that simple.

        Saying “We’ll see what they do with Crit dependence” is exactly why this post exists. The drumbeat has to be sounded NOW. They’ve demonstrated multiple times that they will ignore feedback if it isn’t hammered on, and sometimes even then. Look at how awful haste was for TWO EXPANSIONS. We said “this isn’t going to work” and they said “It totally will” and they were wrong.

        Them likking Colossus Smash doesn’t mean it doesn’t have problems for us, and I see no reason not to keep mentioning them.

        No one used Cleave because it was a DPS loss if you did. If you think Berserker Rage had no business as a DPS increase, you can’t justify Cleave – it was literally useless.

        • Felade

          Oh, trust me, I’ve done my share of complaining and “this won’t work” hollering at Blizz (more for my Priest than for my Warrior). I agree if they don’t do anything about Crit dependence, its a problem, and it is absolutely infuriating when they leave stuff like that broken for multiple expansions in a row. I agree we have to say something about it.

          What problems does CS have? Dump all your DPS in 6 seconds, move on. It makes Warior very bursty, and gives it a frantic feel (good for fury, arms probably needs to not have CS imo). There’s lots of classes like that, where you do a TON of DPS in a few sec, followed by a low phase – eg Mages, Rets. It works – some classes are sustained, some classes are bursty. Warriors are bursty. Warriors not having Raging Blow up or a Wild Strike proc for CS is similar to eg a Fire Mage not having a big ignite up for Combustion. Warriors tbh have it better than Mages in that regard, because Raging Blow during CS is a much smaller proportion of total Warrior DPS than Combustion is for Fire (Combustion is basically ALL of a Fire Mage’s DPS, there’s no MS/RB outside of CS for Fire). I’m not saying I’m necessarily the biggest fan of CS. But it does work, and doesn’t introduce too many problems (unless you don’t like having to dump all your DPS into a 6 sec window).

          I mentioned Cleave for the feel, not actual use. I realize it doesn’t see much use now, but I like using it more than I like using Whirlwind.

          If they give lower geared Warriors some sort of “protection” for low Crit, then that solves the Crit issue and the ‘zerker rage issue.

          • Kazekraze

            CS is a horrible design, and pooling rage feels like crap for fury. If you think the “Burst Window” isn’t a problem then you obviously did not play a Fury warrior back in Vanilla, TBC or WoTLK. Fury should be DOING SOMETHING EVERY GCD not sticking our thick digit up our rear end for 14seconds out of every 20 afraid to mistime an ability because our damage would drop like a rock.

            Warrior DPS is better than it was but we’re STILL far worse than we ever have been before during a end tier situation, and these notes do not give any inkling that our situation will be improved. Not only does it show lack of improvement but it shows quite the opposite. Blizzard still seems to be suffering from this fear of bringing Fury into the same situation we had at the end of WoTLK infact they seem terrified of it so they keep us as low as possible while leaving us “Semi Viable” I’ve been told by my raid team a few times that I should start working on my shamans gear because if I want to keep raiding when they go into Heroics that a Warrior will not get one of their 4 Melee slots. That is the current situation in most guilds and unless we see some serious buffs I don’t see it changing.

            Now IW I’ve said from the get go is our answer to the CS window, it would allow us to burn rage as we become enraged rather than wait for CS to come off of cooldown. So it will still be a 6 second window that we try and pump rage into, but it will be under OUR control. and with our cooldowns being brought to 1 (and a fairly pathetic version of its old self) then Anger management will take a back seat to IW.

  3. Hounds

    I just hope you have a direct line to someone at Blizz to give them this feedback.

    • Hrod

      Me too, especially when what we dislike about the class, they like.

      “Will something be done to the “gotta wait till I got colossus smash up” class?”
      Focusing your rage spending inside Colossus Smash windows, without wasting rage, is very much an intended gameplay element. (Celestalon)

  4. Hirrus

    I’m just happy to see a change that gives us SOMETHING from haste, primarily because a nontrivial fraction of our hit, expertise, dodge, and parry is going to get turned into it. I know it’s not going to make Haste GOOD, but I’m just happy with Haste not being total garbage. If a piece of gear is a serious upgrade, I don’t want to be turning my nose up at it because it has Haste on it. I’m still cautiously optimistic. The final call on it as a success or failure will depend on how much it reduces the cooldown on Rage generators, and whether it’s possible to compensate for the loss of our rage on demand buttons.

    Personally, when I’m DPSing, I’ve always got Glyph of Bull Rush and Glyph of Heroic Leap. The ability to leap out and charge back in to get a big infusion of Rage is great when Execute is lit up and everything else is on cooldown. If that’s going to be the only way to generate quick Rage in Warlords, I feel like it might become a standard part of the rotation rather than a situational trick. It won’t help at low levels, but maybe they’ll clip the minimum range on Charge, now that it doesn’t stun.

    Also, I’m surprised that I’m not hearing anybody calling for both of this tier’s 2-piece bonuses to get baked into the class. Those are not just game-changers in terms of damage/survivability, those are game-changers in terms of ease of play.

    • matthewrossi

      It would be nice, but I doubt we’ll see those, considering what they did to Second Wind.

  5. The only thing I’ll note didn’t get covered in the Rage discussion is that both Arms and Fury get a Draenor Perk (I really hate that name) to add +10 rage to Colossus Smash. Still, that’s only 10 rage, the same as Bloodthirst and Mortal Strike, and doesn’t really address anything else here.

    Plus, if you get that particular perk at level 100 (not too fond of the random order you receive perks in, either) then it’s a long row to hoe between 90 and 100 without even that little extra rage.

  6. Ardam

    Although I find the tone of this post a bit excessive, I can’t help but echo the sentiment. I too found very little to be excited about (the charge range increase is nice). But two points in particular stand out as being particularly discouraging:
    1)”…expect Protection Warriors to value Haste and Crit as important secondary stats.”
    Now, I’m still waiting on the multistrike passive Celestalon mentioned on twitter, but as it stands, this part made my heart sink. I’m not particularly fond of haste as a stat. I like having a fixed GCD as a warrior. Yes, it being completely useless as prot was a problem, especially given Hero/BL is haste, but at no point did I want it to dominate my gearing paradigm. This is Blizzard overreacting again, and I think the fact that they basically copied over Sanctity of Battle over from Paladins is adding insult to injury. There’s a reason I’ve two warriors and only one Paladin, Blizz.
    2) “Shadow Priests had one large problem toward the end of Mists of Pandaria: single-target damage. Their AoE and multi-DoT damage was some of the best around, so they still ended up competitive on most fights. But, in any fight that was mostly single-target, they felt lacking. Additionally, one of the new stats we’re adding in Warlords of Draenor, Multistrike, is almost exactly what their current Mastery, Shadowy Recall, does for DoTs.”
    Arms called. ’nuff said.

    • Jerry

      If Haste did interesting and dynamic things for warriors, I’d bet your fondness for haste would change. Personally, the GCD change seems way off. I’d rather see it directly effect rage generation.

      • Jpec07

        What I’d like to see instead would be a modifier on the amount of rage your rage generators made based on how much haste you had. Maybe not a whole lot, but definitely maybe +1 rage for every point of Haste you have. Or make it so that haste cuts down on rage costs. Just SOMETHING.

      • Brunold

        Warrior changes: Two daggers, rage generation on haste. Tanking py spine-paralyzing. Strength-leather.

        Jup, that will work.

  7. Jerry

    Maybe I’m being naive or overly optimistic, but when I first read through the patch notes, I felt that this pass on the warriors was a “ripping to the foundation” pass. I agree, the stripping of all those different rage mechanics would leave our rage generation in the pits, and the class would be as playable as it was at the beginning of patch 2.0.

    I would be SHOCKED if this is the state of rage generation come the dropping of 6.0. There is absolutely no way the class is playable like that. Now I will sit, wait, and see.

    So, assuming that they will add and/or change rage generation yet, I’m curious what direction you think that could take. Thoughts?

    • matthewrossi

      I hope you are right. Until I see more, I’m going to go on the assumption that we need to be concerned.

      • Jerry

        Oh, I’m concerned. I’m glad that you are on the ball with this. Keep up the trumpeting!

    • Jerry

      I spent my time sipping on my first cup of coffee and watching my chickens freak out over some bugs they found thinking on the rage situation. I have a few thoughts of different ways that I’d personally find as good directions.

      Instead of changing GCD and cool downs, I’d like to see this directly effect rage generation. For each 1 rage something ( charge, MS, white hit, etc) would create, it would instead create 1*(some ratio) rage.

      [b]A min threshold of rage[/b]
      Instead of zero being the base line for rage out-of-combat, change this to enough for a single non-rage-generating attack. Something like 30 rage. Similar to the way Demonology demonic-fury works.

      [b]Change enrage effects altogether[/b]
      Personally, I find passive effects (enrage, etc) to be a bit boring. The theme is solid. Warriors get mad. But the actual game-play of enrage effects currently is BORING.

      As opposed to having enrage effects off crit that generate a bit of extra damage and rage (YAWN!), make enrages something that happen less often, and it changes rotation and/or abilities during a longer effect. For example, once the warrior hits 80 rage, their base rage generator (Mortal Strike, shield slam, etc) becomes a new version of the spell that has different effects and does different damage and consumes some rage.

      [b]Make charge a meaningful part of the rotation[/b]
      Drop the cool-down to 6 seconds, drop rage generation a bit, yank the minimum range requirement. Against a PvP target, charge use would trigger the normal cool-down.

      This would accomplish two things. It would add a third rage generator in a rotation. Also, the zippy, mad-dashing, ping pong warrior would be back in PvE.

  8. Jpec07

    I will definitely agree on these points. It feels like they’re not doing any quality-of-life improvements for Warriors at all, and like they’re just making Prot just as Crit-dependent as our DPS brethren (with Riposte triggering a 100% parry chance for the next hit after a critical auto attack now, instead of a dodge/parry giving a free Revenge). It at least brings it to a level with Mastery, and will make Mastery/Crit gear the go-to for all Warrior specs.

    Though on a positive note, with how much Prot tends to stack Mastery, the change to attack power, and the increase of the value of Crit, could make Prot Warrior DPS godly.

  9. Hounds

    As I think more about the changes, I made a post over on the WoW forums that probably won’t get a lot of traction so I”ll copy paste it here. The gist of my question is….IF ALPHA GOES LIVE as is (and that’s a big if), what makes rage anything but a really crappy version of hunter’s focus or rogue’s energy? Whereas before, IMO, it was a dynamic and very controllable resource at the cost of not necessarily having a guaranteed regeneration.

    Starts with 100 Focus
    5 focus per second, automatic.
    15 focus generated using [Steady Shot] or [Cobra Shot], 12/15 focus with [Termination].
    50 focus instantly after casting [Fervor].
    3 focus sometimes from [Invigoration].

    Warrior (Alpha Build)
    Starts with 0 Rage*
    20 rage *Charge, has CD and distance limitations
    3.5 Rage for a 1.00 Weapon Speed for each hit. Offhand weapons generate half the rage of the main-hand.
    10 Rage Mortal Strike
    10 Rage Colossus Smash

    Starts with 100/120 energy
    Energy regenerates at a fixed rate of 1 energy every decisecond (ie every one tenth of a second), in and out of combat.
    Affected by haste
    I know they have some abilities to add energy, I just don’t know which ones at the moment.

    • Hounds

      DISCLAIMER: I got this info from wowwiki and wowpedia which is OFTEN outdated but for the sake of comparison please correct any mistakes or omissions.

    • Jpec07

      I don’t know much/anything about how DPS warriors work – is that 3.5 rage per second normalized across different weapon speeds, or do those have an effect on rage generation?

      1H weapons (SMF) have a speed of 2.60, and so a theoretical rage generation of 1.346 per second. I’m going to take your word for it that offhand weapons have only half the rage generation, so realistically we’d be looking at about 2 rage per second.

      2H weapons (Arms and TG) have a speed of 3.60, which means 0.972 rage per second for Arms, and 1.458 rage per second for TG Fury.

      Now, Fury is going to take that 17% hit debuff as well, which means, in theory, 17% of normal hits aren’t going to land, and so we can cut the rage gains for Fury by 17% (I know the math probably doesn’t quite work like this, but I’m tired). This means 1.21 rage per second for TG, and 1.676 rage per second for SMF, apart from rage generating attacks.

      There’s one other thing to keep in mind, and that’s that every other class starts with a full resource bar – warriors start at 0. I think the focus isn’t so much on how similar it is to everything else once you’ve gotten into the fight, but like you pointed out, that it’s a really crappy version of it. Couple that with the fact that neither rage generation nor problematic DPS warrior mechanics are being addressed in the 6.0.0 Alpha, and you’ve got a recipe for some very upset warriors.

    • Jerry

      Hey Hound, I saw your post on the forums. I think we need to have a thread going there with Rage concerns, so thank you for starting that. May I make one suggestion though? Can you change the subject line to something more… constructive? In my experience, a subject line like “Rage in 6.0” or “What direction is good for rage?” gets better traction then using words like “dead”, “nerf” etc.

      Also, as far as I can tell, your figures were right on with the class comparison.

      • Jpec07

        Can you link that thread? I think it would be a good idea to have it here so that we can contribute.

  10. Roadworthy

    Hey Rossi. Surprised you didn’t talk about Resolve and the annoying design philosophy it represents going forward.
    Got some bullet point thoughts:
    I see Ignite Weapon as an equalizer for SMF against TG and it might even be their must choose talent. If it buffs Strikes of Opportunity it’ll be very good for arms.
    The notes give me no clue as to what rotations are going to look like – or what Blizzard wants rotations to look like. CS is still there, hopefully it becomes a better button to push.
    Have you considered they’re tying rage gen to haste by way of the lowered CDs on the generators? We may end up like healers with spirit – needing a base level of haste to be able to do our work.
    Going into WoD I wanted to believe that Blizz would really equalize stat desirability. With how much mastery is set to do for tanks, and what seem to be haste softcaps for DPS specs, I can call BS on that.
    Lastly, banners were a failed experiment, but I hope the devs realize that there’s a lesson to be learned from them – that warriors really want a ground targeted, bulletproof mobility talent. The perfected version of Heroic Leap was a banner/intervene macro.

  11. Knackerz

    Hmmm, just about to get to 90 on a new warrior, looks like i’ll be soloing old content more than what i was hoping to do in WOD.

  12. Bullbar

    Further datamining has revealed that prot warriors get Blood Craze (

    So this makes Multistrike have a defensive value in addition to higher dps/threat. It also makes Haste be of more value than before (granted it was nil before) since that means more auto-attacks to get Multistrike off of. So while the T16 2pc didn’t become baseline, we got some sort of self-healing, albeit this is completely passive and not in our hands. The question is how often they expect it to proc, since they have gone through the trouble of mentioning what happens when it’s refreshed even though the duration is only 3 seconds. Do they expect this self-heal to be almost constant? Another thing is its scaling with Resolve. Common sense would indicate that it should scale, but they haven’t said anything about it, let’s hope it does.

  13. Kazekraze

    I had a nightmare last night that when WoD came out they rebalanced all our damage under the assumption that we would ignore armor 100% of the time leaving us doing less than Fistweaving monks and Disc priests if we let IW fall off….

    Just thought I’d throw this out there and give a few others sleepless nights!

  14. Kris

    I’d be incredibly curious to see how a raid made up of 90s would do in SoO with all these changes, ESPECIALLY warriors. I know that everything will be tuned to a level 100 endgame, but I would think performance in SoO with 90s would point to some of the issues we’ll be seeing at level 100, again ESPECIALLY with warriors.

    Your post is spot on, Matthew, and I thank you for sounding the alarm this early. Getting Blizzard’s attention with a lot of these gripes NOW is much appreciated.

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