Monthly Archives: March 2014

What I want for warrior tanking design in Warlords

Frankly, the warrior tanking design in Cataclysm was just about perfect. High mobility with Charge, Intervene and Heroic Leap, solid AoE threat with the rend/TC combination of Blood and Thunder, a solid balance of offense and defense. What happened in Mists wasn’t even so much that the basic paradigm changed as that it became obsolete. […]

The Endgame and the Warrior – Level 90 representation in Patch 5.4.7

Okay, I freely admit I’m not the stats guru Cynwise is. Never have been, never likely gonna be. But I wanted to see where warrior representation at level 90 was as of March and patch 5.4.7, and it’s not really fair of me to go around basically whining and saying “Heyyyyy, Cynnnnn, do my work […]

A Savage Transmog

Experimenting with doing transmog posts with WordPress instead of tumblr, not sure if I like or dislike how it does things. Sometimes, WordPress absolutely rocks my world – I greatly prefer it to my work CMS – but I’m not sold on how it handles images. Anyway – this is a set of gear I’m […]

I think I hate Colossus Smash

The more I think about warrior DPS, especially fury warrior DPS, the more I come to loathe Colossus Smash. I don’t hate the ability for itself, and I don’t hate it for the physical vulnerability debuff it places on the target. I hate the ability for how it dominates the fury priority queue, and I […]

A post of some pictures

This is mostly a post testing out my ability to post stuff from this site to my tumblr and to have it published on Twitter. To make it not be completely useless, I’m going to put in a few more screenshots. If you’re reading this on tumblr, you should be warned that this means that […]

This is the hard part

Hello and welcome to The Warrior’s Onslaught, my new blog about warriors and that crazy World of Warcraft we all play in. The about page covers most of what I want to impart as far as a mission statement for┬áthe site – the primary focus is and will likely remain World of Warcraft and warriors, […]