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A dissection of the Reaper of Souls story and its impact on Diablo III’s lore

Okay, if you ever read my old semi defunct blog over here, you’ll know that I wrote a thing about the gnostic overtones of Diablo III. Just like that post, this post is absolutely chock full of spoilers. I am going to spoil the ever loving crap out of Reaper of Souls and I don’t […]

Getting ready to tank again

The last time I seriously MT’d in Mists of Pandaria was in Tier 14 content. So now that I’m trying to get ready to go prot full time again for at least a month (our guild’s MT is taking a month off and we’re looking at several other players taking off due to RL and […]

A brief post explaining where I’ve been and asking for some advice

So first up, my PSU blew up. Big bang, spark, dead computer. Hopefully not permanently dead, but yeah, no computer for me. This is why it’s taken so long for comments to be approved and why there’s been no posts here this week. If you want to donate to my ‘get a better computer’ fund, […]

Comparing the Diablo III barbarian and the World of Warcraft Warrior

You knew this was coming. I wrote a post back when Diablo III came out arguing that the warrior could learn a lot from the barbarian. We’re almost two years later, and we didn’t learn enough from them when Mists of Pandaria put warriors on a similar system – rage generators and rage spenders working […]

What Fury needs

It’s easy to criticize, after all. I’ve gone on record as hating Colossus Smash and wanting it gone for fury. I’ve talked about how Fury’s mastery gets stronger and stronger with gear, and ironically links us ever more closely to crit because we need to push ourselves into Enrage as much as possible. Mastery becomes […]

On incoming racials and warriors

Okay, this one is a bit speculative – we still don’t know a lot about how warriors are going to interact with stats in Warlords, for instance. We can’t just assume that haste will stay terrible for us even though it has been so for years at this point. So I won’t go into this […]

Waiting for Warlords

Things I’m not going to do until I manage to get my hands on a beta include make any predictions about how well warriors will do in the next expansion. There’s just no way I can know that before I get to see more of the game, you know? But I will say this – […]

The Inevitable Arms Warrior Post

Okay, some things to get out of the way first: Arms is really stupidly good in Arena PvP right now. Like, ridiculously good at it. You don’t have to take my word for it – 12.2% of players at 1800 or better are arms warriors. Considering that arms warriors only make up 3.6% of players, […]

Random thoughts as I barbarian my way through Diablo III

Tristram Cathedral is the largest cathedral structure ever erected. It is easily twenty times larger than the largest actual cathedral in existence. You could fit the entirety of St. Peter’s Basilica in here and have room for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It’s enormous. Terrifyingly so. I kind of like the mood it […]

More thoughts on tanking design

This one’s a quick one. If you hated the Cataclysm prot warrior (some did) you and I are in a fundamental disagreement on how prot should go, I think. I think prot should do great AoE damage, be incredibly mobile, and have a toolkit good enough for any encounter, while not necessarily being brokenly OP […]