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Random thoughts as I barbarian my way through Diablo III

Tristram Cathedral is the largest cathedral structure ever erected. It is easily twenty times larger than the largest actual cathedral in existence. You could fit the entirety of St. Peter’s Basilica in here and have room for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It’s enormous. Terrifyingly so. I kind of like the mood it […]

More thoughts on tanking design

This one’s a quick one. If you hated the Cataclysm prot warrior (some did) you and I are in a fundamental disagreement on how prot should go, I think. I think prot should do great AoE damage, be incredibly mobile, and have a toolkit good enough for any encounter, while not necessarily being brokenly OP […]

This is the hard part

Hello and welcome to The Warrior’s Onslaught, my new blog about warriors and that crazy World of Warcraft we all play in. The about page covers most of what I want to impart as far as a mission statement for┬áthe site – the primary focus is and will likely remain World of Warcraft and warriors, […]